Wow! It's my own website!

April 2, 2018

Hi! My name is Haley and welcome to my own little corner of the internet?! HOW COOL IS THIS?! I hope to expand this website to be all about me, my cosplays, and maybe some EGL stuff here and there! But probably mostly about my cats.

So let's start with the basics: my name is Haley, I'm 21 years old, I'm happily married, living with my husband and two cats in upstate New York. I'm originally from Charleston, South Carolina, where I acquired a great taste for sweet tea, southern drawls, and the occasional "bless your heart".



 I began cosplaying roughly 4 years ago and entered my first competition at my first convention, while wearing my first cosplay. I also won best beginner! Since then I have entered competitions at virtually every convention I've attended, winning #1 in my division six times, best in show two times, and best masters once! But I'm not stopping there. I want to keep going until I can't anymore. SEW UNTIL YA DROP


I got into cosplay originally because of seeing the blizzcon competition on youtube when I started playing World of Warcraft, so taking a step back from competition feels... wrong? Obviously I'm not enjoying myself as much as I was previously, so I SHOULD step back, but it almost feels like I'm betraying little baby Haley who had dreams of being the next Yaya Han.


I pick my cosplays based mostly on what I wanna do at that point in time. I don't typically plan stuff out months in advanced, I just pick something as I finish a project. A lot of my cosplays are based off of videogames, which is a long stride from my original anime costumes! I also focus more on the sewing aspect of cosplay more than the armor side. But I know my way around a dremel and heat gun! I've also started to pick up more on the electronic side of stuff, which you can see in my recent DeathKnight t10 cosplay!

I feel like I'm rambling.

I guess, what I really want to get at is that I'm Haley, I cosplay, and I hope you will stick around to see all the cool shit I make. 


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